Chisasibi Mental Wellness

Chisasibi Mental Wellness

Inshiyuu Miyuupimatisiuun is a non-for profit, grassroots organization created in 2017. Since 2014 they have been operating under the name of Chisasibi Mental Wellness Team and in 2018 they became an independent organization following a funding transfer with Indigenous Services (Health Canada).

Strategic Planning & Operational Management

Non-profit strategic planning and operational management services, including government relations, funding agreement negotiation and contributions management. Secured multi-year funding and co-developed a Mental Wellness Team (Health Canada/Indigenous Services Canada 2013-present), secured federal funding for various projects including language retention, community kitchen and pre and post natal services, climate change and intergenerational knowledge transmission.


Research & Development

Research and development support for culture-based mental wellness service delivery model, including development of program manual and internal processes, program and service development, and quality assurance and reporting mechanisms. Researched, developed and produced a suite of materials for land-based healing program in the context of a project collaboration between Chisasibi Miyupimaatisiun (Chisasibi wellness) and CBHSSJB. Products included: community 5-year wellness plan, land-based manual and operational guidelines, and short documentary film of the initiative.

Capacity Building, Advocacy and Knowledge Mobilization

Provided overall capacity building, advocacy and knowledge mobilization, including strengthening collaborations with the post-secondary sector and national Indigenous mental wellness institutions. Ongoing support in national networking and research collaborations to support service integration and inform improved practices, as well as participation at international, national and regional conferences and events.


Business Consulting

From registering the organization as a non-profit incorporation to developing corporate by-laws, we have established the organizational structure and continue to provide support the organization in their mission to make a positive impact in their community and beyond.


Video Productions

Follow a group of youth on their journey to healing and learn about Cree ways of living a good life. Shot in Eeyou Istchee, James Bay, northern Quebec.

Produced in collaboration with: Chisasibi Miyupimaatisiiun Commitee and the Nishiyuu Department (Cree Board of Health and Social Services James Bay).


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